M&M Millwork featuring Robert (Bob) McWherter. Excellent Craftsmanship and finest materials. Adirondack Chairs made for extreme comfort and durability, Outstanding custom woodwork.

Adirondack Chairs
Finest Quality Craftsmanship and Materials
Extreme Comfort !

Introducing the beautifully handcrafted Adirondack Chair made entirely of Cypress. We proudly call these the King & Queen Series. These chairs are oversized and contoured for extreme comfort. All screws are hidden for a great look and for extra comfort.

These top quality chairs have a grand 24" wide seat with beautiful towering backrest. They have extra wide arm rests (7") with ample room for your arms as well as your favorite beverage and a hearty plate of summer snacks.

Long Lasting: These chairs are built to outlast your deck or patio and will not deteriorate in any climate. In addition to using Cypress wood, each Adirondack chair is built with stainless steel screws and bold hardware and will never rust. All chairs are sealed with Cabto abrand Australian Timber Oil with UV protection.

Contact M and M Millwork today for the most comfortable and durable outdoor chair you will ever own.

Discounts for multiple chairs!
4 to 6 Adirondack Chairs 5 % off
7 to 11 Adirondack Chairs 10% off
12 to 18 Adirondack Chairs 15% off
more than 18 Adirondack Chairs 20% off

Optional Cup Holder



Apache Junction,


Nothing but the best!   Why Use Cypress?    Long-Lasting Comfort!

Cypress wood is know for its resistance to disease and insects. This is due to the unique characteristics of the wood. cypress produces the naturally occurring preservative, cypressine, which gives it a head start against the harshest environmental conditions. It's no wonder that so many colonial homes were constructed of this material. Since Cypress wood lacks sap and doesn't bleed, it takes well to sealers, stains and paints. Its color varies in shades of light to dark honey. If left outdoors unfinished in its natural state, the appearance of the wood will become a light pewter color over time.

Adirondack chairs in Southern Illinois, Available in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina. Adirondack chairs in Cape Code, Handcrafted Outdoor Furniture

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